Welcome to DOK Electric Ltd.

D.O.K. Electric Ltd. has over 14 years experience in the electrical field. We are recognized by the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario, are licensed registered contractors in Ontario, fully insured with the WSIB and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Our goal is to make sure we go beyond all our clients expectations of all aspects on any project we perform, to get done properly in the most cost effective manner.

Our project experience is wide ranging and includes all aspects of electrical construction and maintenance.


Our Services

Our focus goes beyond simply completing the job, which is why every client gets their own “custom tailored” assistance for their specific needs. 

Why Choose Us?

 Why are we different?

With D.O.K. on the job, you don’t just get an electrical contractor, you get construction consultants. Specifically, a consultant dedicated to work just for you.

Our team of electricians has been trained specifically to follow our guidelines of, not only how work should be done but, how to conduct themselves personally on any project they are on.
D.O.K. offers very competitive prices but that's not all...

A Refreshing New Era of Business

When you call, there is no receptionist to take a message. Every call is made directly to a project manager and/or owner on the phone ready to start handling all concerns you might have. Now tell me, isn’t that different and refreshing?

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